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[Pot course "Budechige" course 4000 yen ⇒3000 yen ※ + 1500 with all you can drink in the yen OK!

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  • 6items
  • 4-100persons

Budae jjigae is, a kind of Korean Peninsula of soup.Meat, vegetables, along with the typical soup of material, such as tofu, stewed luncheon meat, which is represented by sausage or spam, the ingredients of preserved food such as instant noodles in the pungent taste of the soup, the masses manner pot cuisine!

Course menu

■ appetizer

■ steamed pig

■ shrinkage

■ Budechige

■ choice deadline (ramen or udon noodles or rice porridge)

■ dessert

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 23:00

2018/11/15 update